Caulfield & District Netball Association, Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:53AM

Match Day Coach Wanted - Saturday

Disco Ninjas - U15 Div 1 Team – Sat 9.30 AM Play time


The Disco Ninjas are a newly formed team this season from the CDNA 15/U Div 1 Grand Finalists Viper team from last season, and several new girls from the Prahran U15 A Rep Team. All of the girls in the team have been playing for several years, most play in multiple other teams including Rep teams.


With most of them playing and training together in other teams we are looking for a Game Day Coach, with no requirement for Training. There may be a potential for Training as the team develops, but at this stage it is just game day duties.


We are looking for a new or experienced coach who can work with a group of enthusiastic experienced young girls to help them form a new team culture. They will all bring their other team experiences with them, so someone who can work with them to develop a team structure, develop a group of set play plans and manage game day instruction / position changes to maximise success is what we are looking for.


As there won’t be any training we are looking for someone who can work with them from 9AM until game end and provide some verbal guidance on activities they can work on during the week at a short 5 min post game review.


Please call Marc Pizzi on 0428 134 100 if you are interested.


Last updated: Friday July 20, 2018 10:25AM
Author: Penny Forrest